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For my great aunt Joop

When I got home, I found out that my great aunt Joop (it's Dutch, pronounced "Yope") has arranged to commit doctor-assisted suicide in the coming week, following the death of her husband. What makes this particularly tragic, besides the obvious, is that my paternal grandfather, her brother, and my dad will be making their first visit to the Netherlands in years in September, and would desperately love to see her at least once more.

I suspect it's now too late to change the plan (although I don't know the ins and outs of the Dutch healthcare - ha! - system), but could you find a moment to pray for her this week? It would really mean a lot to us.


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Prayer Chain ends: 2014-Jul-28
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2014-Jul-16 | Jozef | {6}
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2014-Jul-18 | Brad chase | {11}
2014-Jul-19 | Brian Hannigan | {15}
2014-Jul-20 | Stephen Unser | {14}
2014-Jul-21 | Nicholas van der Velden | {24}
2014-Jul-22 | rozalia | {8}
2014-Jul-23 | Jozef | {6}
2014-Jul-24 | Janka, Miro, Jozef, Ruzena | {27}
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