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Prayers for Sandy Coley

Please pray for Sandy Coley who has a clot on her brain and has just been diagnosed with leukaemia.
Prayers are needed for her recovery re the clot and management of the leukaemia. Sandy Coley is the daughter of a friend of Father Scott’s.

Prayer Chain starts: 2020-Aug-01
Prayer Chain ends: 2020-Aug-03
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2020-Aug-01 | Ophelia | Gillian and Peter Queenan | Thelma | Martina | Ann | Eileen | m. m. stevenson | Emily Jamieson | Andrea Machula | {107}
2020-Aug-02 | John +Gerry OHara. | Marimae | Gail Ryan | m. m. stevenson | Jeannine L,, | {66}
2020-Aug-03 | Christine Labossiere | Teresa Dougan | Moira | Ann | m. m. stevenson | {61}

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